Toronto Then and Now: Millwood at Bayview

Found a great old photo in my barbershop

Added 2014-09-23

At my barbershop this afternoon, I noticed a picture on the wall, mounted on chipboard, approximately 15" by 10".

So I asked Rocky, my barber, if I could borrow it for just a few minutes to take home and scan, and he graciously agreed.

Here's the result —

Millwood Road at Bayview Avenue

You might also enjoy the larger version of this picture.

Note that there were three gas stations at this intersection: Cities Service, Shell, and Esso. How times have changed.

Here's the "now" view —

Millwood Road at Bayview Avenue

By the way, it's "Pat's Barber Shop (Formerly Joe's)" but now run by Tony and Rocky. The location is right beside the shoe repair shop on the north side of Millwood, just east of Bayview, seen just under the green P parking sign (the left one) in the "now" picture. Great haircuts, reasonable prices. It's an old-fashioned barber shop, not a hair stylist type place.

This is the same Tony who used to repair Peter Worthington's self-administered haircuts once a year.

Update July 2021

Unfortunately, Pat's Barber Shop did not survive the more-than-a-year Covid lockdown.

Pat's Barber Shop