Tough sledding

Sunday Football guest commentary

Added 2011-01-16

By Andrew Walmsley

AndrewAnother cold day with even more snow accumulated at Sir Sandford Fleming field today. Tough sledding for both receivers and defenders as the first move was easy enough to make, but the second... not so. Teams were David, Gordie, Milton, John Hatley vs Andrew, Dean, Rudy, Dree. Andrew's team won 2-1 today in a tight defensive battle.

Dave had the lone touchdown for his side. It was 3rd down and 1 on, and Dean jumped something toward the middle of the field and left Dave wide open in the end zone. This was Dean's only mistake in what was an outstanding game for him and his co-ordinator Andrew.

Andrew then drove his team down the field and hit Rudy on a Queen's Curl to tie the game 1-1.

The game was decided much later as both teams found ways to throw incomplete or to the other team! Rudy looked good on the winning drive by completing a Post-Square pattern to Andrew. Dean was the player of the game for the winning side, making some key interceptions under the direction of the Dean of Defensive Callers Andrew. Thanks for the beer Rudy!

Chillaxin' after the game


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