Tuesday night E.T. Seton frisbee golf

The "knackwurst" round

Added 2011-06-28

Andrew joined Aubrey and me on our second Tuesday night round at E.T. Seton. It looks like Tuesday might work out well for a regular weekly frisbee golf night for us.

Before the round started, we had a hot meal of knackwurst. It was great, except for the delay in starting that it caused. Next time, you guys can bring your own samwidges.

At the first hole, we met another guy called Andrew, a disc golfer who had come out on his own with a map to play the course for the first time. We invited him to join us for the evening. Turns out he lives just down the road from me, at Bayview and Moore.

We did the indoctrination thing at the "keep ya loot" bench for the two Andrews, and then asked the new guy to take a picture of the three frisbee golfers —


When we got to 13, there were four discs on the roof of the Science Centre maintenance building —

Four discs on the roof

Aubrey and I decided that we were going to observe the OB rule, but Todd went ahead and played the pavement —

Todd in the out-of-bounds area

The maintenance guys in the background all cheered.

Just before playing the 14th hole, I took a small detour into the bush to get a shot of the E.T. Seton pond —

E.T. Seton pond

See the larger version of this picture for full effect. Who knew this was back here? If you showed this picture to a dozen people and asked them where it is, I will bet you a beer that not one of them will say downtown Toronto!!

At the end of the round, we tallied the scores and Todd was the clear winner at 68. Not too shabby, but then, nine of the baskets (out of the 17) had been moved to the short pin location. Aubrey was next with 72, the new Andrew, playing disc golf, came in at 77, and I was last again at 78.

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