Vacationing Florence Moosengale

By the sea

Added 2011-07-15

Florence Moosengale by the sea

Florence takes a vacation by the sea. Flowers in her hair. Wonderful working fish windmills on either side. And I'm pretty sure that's an oyster in the pink shell in the foreground.

Last night, I discovered another moose, Time Moose Scape, while playing frisbee golf at E.T. Seton park. In the course of researching this new (to me) moose, I stumbled across an image of Florence in 2004. There's also a feature story from a couple of years ago about Florence and her fellows in the National Post, T.O. A to Z: The last of Mel Lastman's moose.

The continuing effort, over the years, to give Florence a regular change of outfits and motifs, is truly impressive. This one must have taken many, many hours. South Leaside and Bennington Heights are lucky indeed to have Florence in our midst.

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