Vicki Keith Point

At the end of the Leslie Street Spit

Added 2013-08-04

On a lovely summer Sunday afternoon, with my son Damon and his friend Caroline, on the Leslie Street Spit, I spotted this marker practically hidden in the trees and bush just off the main path, right near the lighthouse.

Vicki Keith Point plaque on Leslie Street Spit

The plaque reads, in part —

Welcome to Vicki Keith Point

This point of land was the most famous arrival and departure point for Vicki Keith's Lake Ontario Swims.

This plaque has been erected on the 10th anniversary of Vicki Keith's historic swims across all five Great Lakes during the summer of 1988. Throughout her swimming career, Vicki Keith set 17 world records. She made the 52 kilometer crossing of Lake Ontario a record 5 times, including the first double crossing and the first crossing using the highly exhausting butterfly stroke exclusively.

By the way, Damon's a great photographer, here are a couple of his shots from the walk —

Cormorant Condos

Cormorant condos



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