Walmsley Brook

Bayview and Eglinton, Laird and Commercial Rd

Added 2009-11-13

The McDonalds at Bayview and Eglinton is being renovated. A load of cement is sent up a long conveyor belt to the second floor entrance.

Bayview at Eglinton, looking east

This McDonalds has a fabulous view over Talbot Park and the valley of Walmsley Brook. The Bayview and Eglinton intersection is almost directly on top of the former stream, which is now buried.

Just to the left of the cement truck is Leaside High School, built on the bank of the stream valley, which runs through Talbot Park and the high school football field. In the distance are the twin 40-storey Leaside Towers in Thorncliffe Park, very close to where Walmsley Brook joins the West Don River.

DANGER due to... two guys on a crane!

Construction at Laird and McCrae

Why is this insulation such a pukey green colour?

At Laird and McRae, the "big box" mall on the site of the former Canada Wire and Cable plant expands yet again. As recently as 2002, this property was just a field of rubble, with only the 100-foot cable extruding tower as a reminder of its industrial past.

Laird Avenue seen from the big box mall

Looking back west from just in front of the new Sporting Life store in the big box mall. On the horizon are the office tower of 2300 Yonge and, to the left, the new, taller condo on Yonge just south of Eglinton.

The big box mall is approximately where Walmsley Brook crossed the flat plain of the Lake Iroquois lagoon, before falling into a steep ravine east of Commercial Road.

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