What a turnout!

Fifteen guys at Sunday Football

Added 2011-05-22

It's only 11:05, and already there are eight guys here, some for the first time this year.

Travis, Malcolm, Rudy, Dean

We ended up playing 8 on 7, Gordie going both ways.

Eric, Cos, Dree, Steve, Bryan, Malcolm, John, Gordie — 4.
Andrew, Travis, Dean, Dave, Milton, Juergen, Rudy, Gordie — 4.

Eric completed long to Dree often. Cos sacrificed his body once again going after a catch, and earned a 4.8 on the dismount. Steve did a great open-field dipsy-doodle for big yards. Bryan clanged his head on the goalpost and later got a TD while standing uncovered in the endzone. John got a classic post-corner-post in a late drive.

Travis made a huge interception off a tip to get our side going. Milton made a difficult catch on a huge deep post. Dave made long catches, including the tying touchdown on the last drive of the game. Dean was always open, keeping the drives going. And the star of the day, Andrew, threw the ball with authority. It wasn't often pretty and it wasn't always accurate, but it was awesome to see, especially on that last drive.

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