Winter solstice frisbee golf at E.T. Seton

Beautiful spring-like weather

Added 2011-12-23

Andrew and I decided to play a round at the E.T. Seton course to celebrate the winter solstice. Okay, it wasn't exactly the solstice, but close enough.

The 4th tee box has been re-aligned (see The disc golf tee pads are being installed). Kudos to Adge and the city parks department for prompt action, i.e. before the concrete was poured.

The 4th tee at E.T.Seton disc golf course

We noticed that much of the fence between the 4th and 5th holes has been removed, presumably to be repaired, so we decided to take another shot of the "keep ya loot" graffito in case it disappears.

Keep ya loot -- give me some truth

On 12, Andrew's approach shot rolled down the hill behind the big pine, leaving him a very difficult putt.

Andrew sizing up his shot from behind a tree

No worries, though, because he simply threw up and around the tree.

Up and around

At 14, we took a short break to admire the pond. December has been incredibly mild this year, but ice is finally starting to form.

Ice on the E.T. Seton pond

There's also a larger version of this picture for your downloading pleasure (caution: it's over 2 megabytes). Makes a great desktop image for your computer.

The 18th hole tee pad is still wrong, oriented about 90° sideways, but they do plan to correct this.

18th hole tee pad

Andrew was the clear winner today, with a 1-over final score of 86. Yours truly choked multiple times and finished with a 97. Breaking 100 seems inevitable, doesn't it.

On the way home up the trail to Leslie and Vanderhoof, I stopped for a moment to enjoy the tranquility of the woods, on this lovely mild afternoon. In the background is the high-level bridge over the West Don built by the Ontario and Quebec Railway, taken over by Canadian Pacific in 1884.

Taking the trail home

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